Our Services

The following are the services system we provide:

Surveillance System   

Surveillance system are an essential part of securing your place either home or office area. These systems can range from CCTV CAMERA SYSTEM  to sophisticated alarm systems that notify the first sign of trouble.

Access Control    

AUTO GATE, BARRIER GATE & DOOR ACCESS are parts of this system. Access control are programs designed to permit entry or use of equipment to authorized users and deny all others the same opportunities.

Keyphone / PABX / Intercom

One of the essential needs in office or commercial building / organization. This system are the best practice for communication in workplace nowadays.

Network Solution   

A wide range of ICT technology form home network needs to a business organization application. These includes WIFI access point (router / AP), peer to peer (P2P) connection, equipment rack devices and many more.

Alarm System    

A system that notify user from intrusion or break-in to the protected / designated area.


Perimeter Intrusion Detection System are commonly use to monitor a wide range of area. These system can be integrated with CCTV system for optimum monitoring performance.


Visitor Management System can verify, monitor and improve the visitor recording process with an easy communication between security officers with the residents.

Comprehensive Preventive & Corrective Maintenane

Maintenance for Building Facilies & Equipment Maintenance ELV System For JMB and Government Office

New Installation Project
For ICT & ELV System

ICT Structured Cabling ( WIfi, LAN & Fiber Optic Backcone )
Trenching & Underground Cable ( Power & Data )
Home & Office Alarm Automation System
Closed-Circuit Television Enterprise System
Boom Gate / Barrier Gate
Security Access Card System
Building Monitoring System
Guard Tour System